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Brief History of the Pambula Fishing Club Inc

28/3/1974 Inaugural meeting at the Royal Willows Hotel Pambula. Named Eden

 Pambula Merimbula Fishing & Boating Club.


14/11/1974 A site be selected at Broadwater for a clubhouse & an application be

submitted for a permissive Occupancy.


11/7/1975 A meeting to be held with council at Broadwater to discuss clubs aims for

the area.


11/9/1975 Frank Burtons oyster lease No 69.386 are purchased by the club for the

amount of $50.


13/11/75 E McGrath’s oyster lease be purchased by the club for the amount of $100.

Letter is sent to Lands Dept C/- Council anticipating a grant to build public toilets on

Reserve 42017.


1975. Council suggested the club to form a management committee as caretakers of

Reserve 42017.  Council supported the club’s application to Dept of Lands for a lease

on a clubhouse site. Letter was sent to Dept of Lands stating trustees of the area along

with a copy of the club’s constitution


1976 A deed of surrender be obtained for the oyster leases bought by the club. Annual

General Meeting, the President reported on the growing membership of the club &

achievements in 2 short years. A building committee to be formed. Dept of Lands to

be contacted regarding future plans for boat ramp & jetty. The club hired a front-end

loader & removed rocks from foreshore.


20/9/1976 Letter to council advising the bbq’s have been erected in the park. Rubbish

bins provided & emptied on a regular basis, part of the reserve has been cleared of

scrub, blackberries & fern. Children’s playground commenced. Sewn grass &mowed

regularly, tables & chairs have been built & to be erected soon. The club has ordered a

large number of trees & shrubs.


14/12/1976 The district Surveyor advised that a Permissive Occupancy would be best

for the club. Club to apply for the Permissive Occupancy for the area of clubhouse &

foreshore structures.


1977 Permissive Occupancy granted at a cost of $108.00 per year. President reported

achievements including the erection of a jetty & cleaning boards by the club for

member’s use as well as the public.


1979 Seen the completion of the clubhouse. Marine radio & antenna to be installed to

work in conjunction the club’s base station at Pambula Beach.


1980 In June this year the public toilets were finished.


1985 $150.00 was donated to Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol.


1986 Permissive Occupancy rent increased to $450.00.


1990 Front veranda completed.


1991 Permissive Occupancy increased to $1590 & with a rebate the club is to pay $670.  

Pambula Fishing Club became incorporated this year.


1992 The current boat ramp was completed. The club ran its inaugural fresh fish

auction with $50.00 being donated to the Hospital. This year also seen our first

Monster Garage Sale kick off with great success.


1993 Fish auction proceeds to Pambula Surf Club of $523.00


1994 Permissive Occupancy rent was valued at $1400, club to pay $750. The club

donated from its fish auction $600 to Pambula Swimming Pool, also $ 236.00 for fire

victims. Pambula Food Frolic’s first year & we became involved with a float & stall.


1995 Fish Auction proceeds to Pambula School of $ 229.25


1996 Fish Auction proceeds to Pambula School of $279.00. This year the club

extended their working bees from Broadwater to a site around the Yowaka Bridge

were a lot of rubbish was removed. The club assisted NSW Fisheries with their first

Children’s clinic held at Edrom Lodge & a donation


1997 Permissive Occupancy rent was valued at $1400, club to pay $700. Donated

from our fish auction was $304.80 to the school.


1998 Fish Auction proceeds to Pambula Hospital of 304.35. The clubhouse was

extended by enclosing the veranda.


1999 the car park area was sealed in the form of a loop road. This years proceeds from

the fish auction went to Pambula P & C of $ 314.80. The club purchased native trees

to plant as a screen between the clubhouse & road.


2000 Fish Auction proceeds to Pambula Hospital of $1032.30.


2001 Access road to car park was formed & sealed. This years fish auction proceeds

went to Pambula Hospital $ 796.210. The club erected a shelter in the park.


2002 Fish Auction proceed to Pambula P & C of $359.10.  A cheque for $4849.56 was

presented to John Veigel, this money was raised through a fund raiser run by the club

in an attempt to help John out after his horrific car accident. John had been a past

President of the club.


2003 Fish Auction proceeds to Pambula Rural Fire Services of $ 1181.20. The

Pontoon to replace the old jetty was the highlight of the year. A free gas BBQ

provided by council & erected by the club was another asset for the Park. The club

 also provided a roof & concrete slab for the BBQ area. Footpaths to the cleaning boards

& ramp were concreted.


2004 Fish Auction proceeds to Imlay District Nursing Home of $1110.30. A roof was

erected over the picnic tables closest to the ramp.


2005 The permissive occupancy rates hit an all-time high & after months of lobbying

we had a small victory with NSW Department of Lands. We managed a three year

phase in for our rental increase.


2007 The club secured funding to purchase a concrete water tank. The tank was

installed at the clubhouse & used to gravity feed fresh water to the cleaning tables.


2009 The club secured funding again which we met dollar for dollar for extensions to

the clubhouse, this year we completed the extensions of a large covered veranda &

storage shed.


2014 The club hosted a week long fishing comp. The first NSWFCA event of its kind

in our southern area.




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